Poems for July 2017

  The following verses are selections from the poetry of James E. Cox (Jim).

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This month is dedicated to my humorous poems. Humor can lighten the color of many moods  It can also tint your milieu.  However, humor can also be caustic and sardonic…adding a tinge of gray to what appeared to be golden in color.

I recently took a trip through the Arizona mountains. While doing so, I was often confronted by my most irritating foe. I call him to tortoise.


The Tortoise and the Hare

(RVs and Me) 

I’ve read about the tortoise

and how he beat the hare,

by plodding on while hare would play

and that, my friend, was fair.


But oft I’ve met the tortoise

while on a two lane road

and though ‘twas never in a race,

the turtle chase they’d goad.


They’d fill the lane completely,

so one can’t see ahead.

They’d waddle like a wounded duck,

and passing them stirs dread.


They’d seldom drive the posted speed;

they knew you dare not pass.

But when ‘twas clear, no sport car known

can catch their fiendish ass.


So I just rest and take my time...

I know my fate must be...

they’ll always win their Hellish race

one tic in time ’fore me.



The Task Juggler 

How many balls can fill the air

before they all end in despair?

I know if I loft high these few

my soul can give them their just due.

But every task that I may add

will raise the danger…at least a tad…

that some, or all, will clash and fall

and nothing will get done at all.



The MRI 

It didn’t look foreboding…

at least from safe outside.

Within it looked sadistic…

no place one should abide.


An open-ended coffin…

that’s how it looked to me.

Had all the freedom of a jail…

a place for agony.


They had me lay upon a bed…

I wasn’t scared a bit…

They moved my bones in crazy shapes…

I damned near hit orbit.


But then was swallowed by the beast

without a chance to pray.

The foul words that I said to them

best wait another day.


The beast six inches from my nose…

a mirror to look out…

so bound by claustrophobia,

I couldn’t even shout.


They played some music (of my choice)

and told me to lie still.

While bent to form a pretzel,

every note seemed shrill.


The beast began to pound its chest

for what seemed endless time.

And when it stopped I cried in joy…

the quiet was sublime.


I shouted, “Get me out of here.

The beast is done…at last.”

The sadist doctor smiled and said,

“You’re    thirty    minutes    fast.”



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