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Navigation takes you to many areas where I have posted verses. On this page, I will post poems that are dear to me...and I hope to you.  This month the selection is Return to 2017.


Return to 2017

‘Tis time to critique ‘17

though all would say ‘twas cruel and mean.

From my blog, It’s My Turn

short excerpts of that year return.

My poem for my Christmas Card

is a forewarning from the bard.


2017 Season’s Prayer

If I should write a poem

about this year, soon past,

I’d have to say felons at play

have left our world aghast.


They’ve stolen, killed and terror filled

this planet’s many lands.

And Nature too did tempests brew

that damaged our homelands.


But rather than a poem

that chronicles the sad,

I’d rather wish God’s gift of love

will flush away the bad.


Executive Action

Three tests make laws official...

from Prez, the Hill, Judicial.

If the Prez controls them all,

you’ll sense the Constitution’s knell.

{and find Putin here to dwell.}


Sexual Harassment

Power corrupts and always will,

if the those outraged must remain still.

And Justice can her blindfold keep,

but mute the celeb’s innate shill.


The Prez and Jong-Un

When bullies brawl it’s always bad,

above all if it may harm you.

Know that while they push and shove,

you can not guess where bile may spew.

It’s time that someone loose a dove.


But fools would use their biased wrath

on those who entered without choice.

To choose the proper legal path

know that their actions earn a voice.


They learned our language, ne’er broke laws,

some serve our country without pause.

Though parents erred, no sin have they,

so pave the path to let them stay.


Roy Moore, et al

When young we bare naiveté,

pardoned from most rules we stray.

But once full grown, the sins we own

and wear until we’re old and gray.


Even though score years have passed

since all new sins have been amassed,

those scars forever you adorn,

and ever limn your adult past.

{God matter how you blow your horn.} 


The Bomb

Every nation wants The Bomb...

it's force yields much esteem and power.

But North Korea and Iran

wish to make the whole world cower.


Those free to choose the men who lead

must pick those with moral fiber...

who will protect all of Mankind

with the essence of the tiger.


The Prez and Putin

It seems that when two liars meet

with foremost tales they will compete.

And they must think,

if one won’t blink,

the other must accept defeat.


Sutherland Springs, et al

Our crises...anger management,

fury loosed to passion vent.

‘Tis better that one walk away

for death is the worst consequent.


Do not let weapons...gun or knife

be sold to those who threatened life.

Put on the list to whom not sell,

and we will find we’ll have less strife.

{and he who violates the list

should not with good men coexist.}


The Charlatans

They’re charlatans and libertines...

the rich who work behind the scenes.

They’ll buy a pol

then morph afoul

of where his ethic leans.



As you age you gauge each pain

to see how you can calm your brain...

to find that it is ever still

a measure of your strength of will

to opioids and drugs abstain.


The Future

{Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.}

George Santayana.

Laws are written to control

what reckless men will do for wealth.

In the past the feral way

would but destroy our nation’s health.

And now our politicians

remove some laws that bind,

and threaten to again allow

the nation’s felons unconfined...

which could destroy all of humankind.



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