Poems for May 2017

  The following verses are selections from the poetry of James E. Cox (Jim).

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I begin with my latest poem for May 2017:




This month we honor mothers

for all their love they gave.

We also honor others

who died to our land save.

Both made us what we are today...

‘tis meet this month their love repay.


Although I do not play golf any more, because of a rotorator cuff problem, I still return to read these poems in my memoirs. My golf buddies said that the best thing that happened to them is when I had to quit...I was not very good.


Memories of Golf 

I used to be a golfer,

and mighty proud back then.

I used to love the clubs I hit

from tee o’er hill and glen.


My clubs had rather clever names

and each was light but mean.

“Brassie” or “cleek” hit from the tee

and “niblicks” found the green.


And then,they never told me why,

some numbered every wood.

One to eleven some called them

and changed their look for good.


They made the head of metal

and even changed the shaft.

When they made it out of graphite,

I knew they were quite daft.


They made the club-head very large…

as big as King Kong’s fist,

and when I’d swing the bloody thing,

I’d damned near break my wrist.

 And these:

 The Golfer

Pity the golfer who trims down his score.

If there is no bet, tis best you ignore.

If three times he teed…

laid eight in the weed 

He hurts but himself, when he posts a four.



Golf’s Villanelle

So many times I’ve heard it said

no matter what you do

golf games are won within the head.


Clothing makes a man I’ve read,

they sculpt and flatter you.

So many times I’ve heard it said.


Though fancy clothes of costly thread

may comfort quite a few,

golf games are won within the head.


Expensive clubs with jewels embed

will change my point of view.

So many times I’ve heard it said.


And golf balls, be they white or red,

though struck with much ado,

golf games are won within the head.


That’s why I’ve taken to my bed.

My brain is black and blue,

so many times I’ve heard it said,

golf games are won within the head.


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