The following verses are selections from the poetry of James E. Cox (Jim)...The Laureate.

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Poems for March 2018

This month I will show you some of the poems that were created to respond to mnemonics for the SaddleBrooke Writers Group. {A mnemonic is a device used to stir the is valuable to solve a writer’s block.} Here are but three examples from fifteen years of attending the Group...I never saved what the mnemonic was.   




 Adult Life

When I reflect on adult life,

I thank God for my plaudits stored.

For when ennui brings with it strife,

acclaim can bring back sweet accord.


Applause can lume the darkest days...

for souvenirs from days long past

tend to temper all malaise.

and will with wit to Hades cast.


You know not what each plaudit weighs,

so keep each close, my friend,

especially in your final days

let them your doubts all fend.




Science brought us useful things...

found ways to raze harsh bastions.

It helped to make life easier...

till they devised contraptions.


Take cars for an example...

in past they were a snap to drive.

They added all their gimcracks,

and we can’t figure out the jive.


And, then there is the telephone...

that any idiot could use.

And, now phones have so many apps...

we do not talk, we search menus.


So, make them prove their next adaption

won’t morph into a damned contraption.




All my life those in command

said, “I must take control.”

But, seems that only when I was

observed in their fishbowl


My parents said, “It’s time you walk,”

then blocked my chosen way.

Later said “It’s time to talk,

then cued each word to say.


Teachers made me read their books,

and tell them what I read.

They didn’t seem to care a whit,

if I opt play instead.


Managers oft gave me jobs

that were a frightful boring,

then wonder why I’d write some rhyme,

to keep myself from snoring.


I found their plan was to control

my life, as they would wish…

the same as circling in a bowl

like some constrained pet fish


I’m now retired…should take the helm

and steer the course I’d go,

but find my wife owns half my realm

and says that I must row.



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