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Poems for September 2018

The poems this month are from my chapbook, The Best of the Best.  The book is collection of my early poems that received the honor of being published in Poetry Anthologies. I have included some of my favorites.


From: Ellipsis, Literary Publication of Westminster College, 1964

           Beneath the Winter Sky, The Poetry Guild, 1998


Tis Time

Tis time, indeed, that you appraise

the misspent hours within Life’s maze.

There are never enough tomorrows

to amend lost yesterdays.


From: As Minutes Turn to Hours, 2000


Life’s Game

Play the game with care, my friend,

to win both skill and chance must blend.

And are these not the very things

on which your life may oft depend?


From: The Best Poems and Poets of 2001


The Cactus Wren

Just lying there…he hasn’t stirred, 

aberrant for that haughty bird.

‘Twas last seen strutting by my door

(which now, I fear, he’ll do no more).


I’ll miss the raucous songs he’d chant, 

and how he’d sham there’s naught he can’t.

I envied how he’d prance and fly

(a youth who’d spit into Death’s eye).


He likely thought life could not end, 

and there was naught he could not mend.

But Fate treats youths so oft unkind.

They know not what ordeals they’ll find.


He must have hit the window pane.

Reacting to some sound in vain...

reacting to {not knowing what}...

reacting to his boggled gut.


And as I gaze on his cold frame,

I know for all it is the same.

One tic he lived.  Next tic life’s gone.

We know not who beholds next dawn.


From: Letters From the Soul, 2002


As sun now sets and Time transmutes

what is seen now he oft confutes.l

When you delay one tick, or more

watch grey hues reign as he permute.

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