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Poems for November 2018

The poems this month are two of my poems about November and my experience as a Korean War Veteran.



November 2018

This month tis time that we elect

the propositions deemed correct.

Choose politicians carefully...

we cannot later disinfect.


This month we pause to recognize

those who served to keep us free...

the vets who fought in foreign lands

and earned our love and amity.


At end of month we thank our God

for all that he has done for us.

He ever guides us on our way

while sheltered by His aegis.



Life on The Sea

{Excerpt from “The Saga of Jim} 


Jim sailed the good ship, Basilone.

Fair Norfolk was its US home.

Destroyer proud with all new frills,

It made him learn some all new skills.


A radarman became his trade.

At finding threats, he made the grade.

Each day he searched the air and sea

and told the “con” all foes he’d see.


Many a time through storm or haze,

he’guide the ship and solve the maze

through “Thimble Shoals”…when fog hid land…

and never the ship caressed the sand.


Many a storm and angry sea

caused ship to creak and loose debris.

The angst stirred very soul to quake…

what could he do if ship would break.


But God, Jim loved live on the sea.

He loved its calm, its loosed fury.

When sky touched sea with peace replete,

how oft at night at night they would compete.


Plankton or star, one in the same,

when moonless night provides no frame.

Surrounded by ethereal light,

his essence bowed before the sight.


Jim saw score lands and many seas

but never faced our enemies.

His fleet went far to scare the “Bear”

to keep him in his present lair.

From England’s white and chalky shore

to Spain and Greece and France and more.

The fleet, its presence made quite clear...

while Jim supped in Marseille…Tangier.

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