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I have decided to offer some of my poem that were written about the summer season.


Poems for June 2018



Added warmth will fill June’s air...

fathers, Flag and nuptials share

passion’s feverous flow that’s loosed

on those for whom we truly care.



Father’s Day

They no longer ride a steed.

Yet, are they not the selfsame breed?

Their dragons, jousts and far crusades

are the battles fought to fill each need.



We honor fathers and the Flag,

on sandy beaches lollygag.

Ardent swains to their love croon...

take bride and hide on honeymoon.

Snowbirds leave to beat the heat...

but, comes the snow to south retreat.

Fools head north for somewhere cool...

they need but find the closest pool.




 The end of May and summer’s near

I will not even shed one tear.

For though June’s heat will broil and bake,

my sinuses won’t bellyache.

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