Poems for April 2017

  The following verses are selections from the poetry of James E. Cox (Jim).

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I begin with my latest poem for April Fools Day:


April Fools

The violators of God's rules

are cheering all of April's fools...

who can be snared by them each month

in all their cruel, and new, cesspools 


 This month I have selected poems from the Pensive section of my tome As The Mind Meanders.



So many courses one may sail

adrift upon Life’s sea.

So many chances there to fail

if you don’t moor alee.

Captains learned this through the years

as flotsam filled their wake.

And in your youth you faced great fears

with every chance you’d take.

Now you are your home’s captain,

so seek a port alee,

when troubles lay to fore

and peril you foresee.



Into the desert’s orb was sent

 a seed (with naught but life)

to challenge Summer’s dire torment

 and Winter’s icy knife.

So many times it faced a drought,

and pests, disease and Man.

So many times it would win out

when monsoon torrents ran.


What gives Life all this power

to triumph over strife?

Could that seed last an hour

had not been spurred by Life?

And why does Life demand that

 its present numbers grow,

then locks them all in combat…

each one some other’s foe?


Each form begets its likeness

with subtle change in gauge,

who then is put in great duress

to reach some center stage.


What prize is in the offing…

who does the prize go to?

If any seeds win anything

do prior seeds win too?


It’s plain why some retire within,

reject that force so strong.

Its rules are vague and rouse chagrin  

and no redo if it played wrong.



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